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Photographer & Cinematographer


Since 2004, Everett Marc Dennison has passionately sought to capture the underlying essence of the subject he is documenting. By immersing himself in the perspective of the businesses and customers he works with, he extracts the story and ideas that customers value and seek to convey. Working to sharpen his skills on every project he undertakes, he has found that giving his all to the art has always led to the expansion of his vision and drive.

Team Photographer


Annelise is a creative professional born and raised in Florida. Though her roots here are strong, her travels have helped her expand her passion to create in a variety of forms. With over 15 years of experience in visual merchandising, Annelise has an eye for trends and tells stories at the same time. In previous years she has been a creative director and published model for several editorials. Annelise is not only a photographer but an all-around artist, plant, and butterfly enthusiast. She aspires to continue creating to inspire people in the same way she takes in the world around her.

Office Administrator & Photo Editing Assistant

Kate Noel

Kate Noel is the SRQ360 office administrator. She brings her love of art & design into her daily work, carefully monitoring each project to ensure the highest quality control. She enjoys supporting and serving the hardworking professionals in our diverse network of clientele. With gratitude, she looks forward to speaking to you if you have any questions.

You can contact us by email at, or call or text (941) 377-9333.



Robert (Bob) Dennison has been a photographer for over 23 years. Before finding his niche in photography he worked as a web designer and created many cutting edge websites for restaurants and hotels.

When Bob moved to Sarasota over 20 years ago, the coast and its blue waters inspired him to take to the skies for a better view, in a custom handmade SkyRover aerial drone. Bob opened up SkyRover, LLC where he built early model aerial drones, pioneering some of the first drones available for purchase by the public.

Bob has always been devoted to offering the latest technologies at the lowest possible prices. In 2018 he obtained his Remote Pilot License, also receiving a specialty waiver to allow him to fly downtown Sarasota and other similar areas restricted from the public.