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Give your online real estate listing that extra edge with stunning aerial video and still photography.


SkyRover aerial photography is one of the hottest new ways of promoting your listing. It provides potential home buyers a stunning bird’s eye view of the property. Our team of experienced, FAA licensed pilots are here to make your aerial photo session enjoyable and safe. Clients receive high-res and MLS-optimized image sets from their photo session.

SRQ360 strives to maintain the highest standards of client safety. We follow all city, state and FAA regulations. Our drone pilots are Section 107 licensed and insured. Please contact us to verify that your property is not located within restricted airspace.

SkyRover Aerial Photography Portfolio



SkyRover Aerial Sessions

The location of your aerial shoot will be shot as-is. The property must be photo/video ready when we arrive. We do not provide any cleaning, moving or on-site staging services. Failure to have your shoot location ready may impact the quality of your video or the number of photographs taken. Your appointment includes a specific amount of time for the aerial session. Any return trip to the property for re-shoots will incur a re-shoot fee.

It is highly recommended that the agent communicate any special shot requests to our office administrator.

Weather Conditions

Whether or not we can fly our SkyRover on the day of your shoot is dependent on the weather. SRQ360 uses the best of the industry equipment to ensure your images are stunning and high resolution. We can not jeopardize our equipment in the event of unforeseen weather changes.

If it is too cloudy or windy, we cannot operate our SkyRovers safely. In the event that a photographer arrives at the shoot and determines they are unable to fly due to the weather, we will return to that location the next time we are in the area to complete the job free of charge.

If you would like to receive your aerial photos as soon as possible and we aren’t currently scheduled to be in that area, we will schedule to return for an aerial shoot for the standard shoot fee.

Specific Shots

We understand that all homes have varying features that you may or may not want to emphasize. Our shooting process takes our photographers through the house, capturing photos as they are able and according to how many photos your shoot includes. This means that we do not guarantee taking several shots and perspectives of each and every room.

We understand that some agents may have certain shots that they want in mind. However, certain angles and views may not be possible due to the lighting, limitations of space and size of the room and/or other obstacles. We are happy to try to accommodate these shot requests, but please communicate any specifics with our office prior to or the shoot or to the photographer at the beginning of the shoot.


Any return to the property for a re-shoot will require a fee, unless previously stated otherwise by the photographer. To avoid a re-shoot and fee, we advise that the property is photo-ready before the shoot and that the agent conveys any specific shot requests to the photographer. We also recommend that agents take a thorough inspection and walkthrough of the property prior to the photographer’s arrival.

Image Editing

All of our photo packages include our in-house standard image editing, which includes straightening, cropping, adjusting the color, contrast, brightness, saturation, etc.

For aerial shots in which multiple houses are in the frame, we will circle the correct house for you. If the images are of an empty lot or piece of land, we will add a rough outline of the property.

Image Delivery

After payment has been received in full, your images and virtual tour will be delivered through email on the next business day after your shoot.

You can save the images to your computer through Dropbox. When downloading the photos to your computer, the images will save as .zip (compressed) file and will download to your commonly used download directory. You will need to extract these files (unzip) them before uploading to the MLS. By law we are not allowed photos to upload to the MLS for our agents.


We price our shoots according to Zones to account for distance and drive time from our Sarasota, FL, Zone 1 office. Shoot prices increase incrementally as our travel time increases.

When booked with a shoot, HDR SkyRover aerial stills are $150. When booking an aerial-only shoot, please see our pricing guide for more information and to find your Zone.


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