Business Services - FAQS

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also accept checks.

Do you carry general liability insurance?


Do you offer aerial drone photography?

Yes. Please see our SkyRover Aerial services page.

Are your prices based on the square footage of the business property?

No, our pricing is not based on the square footage of your shoot location. Pricing for business is first determined by our photographers based on the requirements and scope of your project. Pricing will also be determined according to the property’s location in our Shooting Zones. Prices for custom business media capture will consider the Shoot Zone location (the cost of gas & travel time), the demands of the on location shoot, as well as the time required for post image processing and the delivery process.

All pricing for business photography and services are custom to the scope of work and must be confirmed with our office administrator. Prices on Business Price page reflect estimates and starting price points.

What are your office hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Do you have copyright terms & conditions?

Yes. We have specific terms & conditions. Read Our Terms & Conditions

What is required to book a shoot?

You will need to provide us with your name, company name, cell phone number and email address. You will also need to let us know what photo package you would like, which photographer and if you need any package upgrades. Finally, you will need to provide us with the full property address including zip code.

Do you shoot on weekends?

Weekend photo shoots are by special request and are subject to availability.

What is the best time of day to photograph a business location?

SRQ360 will help determine the best time of day to shoot your business location. We do not bring in artificial lights but instead prefer to rely on the available natural light to create the most captivating image.

Do you “Over Shoot” the location and allow me to pick the images I want?

In order to provide quick turnaround and affordable prices, we only shoot the number of images your package includes. If you anticipate needing multiple angles and very specific perspectives of your business, we recommend purchasing a larger photo package. When scheduling, please let our office administrator know the details of your project and its objectives, and we will we let you know which services could be most appropriate and beneficial.

Do your photo packages include “Photoshop” editing?

All of our packages include our in-house basic image editing, which includes straightening, cropping, adjusting the color, contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. We will also try to remove a “limited” amount of small image flaws from you photo set. If you need large items removed from your photos, excessive amounts of items removed/edited, layers, masking, compositing or advanced Photoshop editing, please contact us.

When and how will I receive my photos?

Turnaround time for custom business photography packages will vary. Images are delivered only after payment has been received in full. A delay in payment will delay the processing and delivery of your images.

What is the resolution of the photos I will receive?

Clients receive two sets of images. The first set contains the high-resolution images. These images are great for printed materials and advertisements. The second set contains the web-optimized images which great for use on websites and for mobile devices. All images are delivered in JPEG format.

What if I am not satisfied with my images?

Customer service is very important to us. We try extra hard to make sure you are satisfied with your photos. If for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately.

What types of business videos do you offer?

We offer business promotional videos, aerial video and custom videos such as customer stories, interviews, college review, and other brand messages.

Will you host my real estate videos?

We do not provide video hosting. We recommend clients utilize a third party video hosting provider, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Do you offer aerial videos or custom videos?

Yes. Please see our pricing page or contact us to request a quote on a custom video.

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